Kia Soul: Using the USB device - Features of your vehicleKia Soul: Using the USB device

Kia Soul 2014-2019 PS Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Using the USB device

  • To use an external USB device, make sure the device is not connected when starting up the vehicle. Connect the device after starting up.
  • If you start the engine when the USB device is connected, it may damage the USB device. (USB flashdrives are very sensitive to electric shock.)
  • If the engine is started up or turned off while the external USB device is connected, the external USB device may not work.
  • The System may not play unauthenticated MP3 or WMA files. 1) It can only play MP3 files with the compression rate between 8Kbps ~ 320Kbps.
    2) It can only play WMA music files with the compression rate between 8Kbps ~ 320Kbps.
  • Take precautions for static electricity when connecting or disconnecting the external USB device.
  • An encrypted MP3 PLAYER is not recognizable.
  • Depending on the condition of the external USB device, the connected external USB device can be unrecognizable.
  • When the formatted byte/sector setting of External USB device is not either 512BYTE or 2048BYTE, then the device will not be recognized.
  • Use only a USB device formatted to FAT 12/16/32.
  • USB devices without USB I/F authentication may not be recognizable.
  • Make sure the USB connection terminal does not come in contact with the human body or other objects.
  • If you repeatedly connect or disconnect the USB device in a short period of time, it may break the device.
  • You may hear a strange noise when connecting or disconnecting a USB device.
  • If you disconnect the external USB device during playback in USB mode, the external USB device can be damaged or may malfunction. Therefore, disconnect the external USB device when the audio is turned off or in another mode. (e.g, Radio)
  • Depending on the type and capacity of the external USB device or the type of the files stored in the device, there is a difference in the time for recognition the device.
  • Do not use the USB device for purposes other than playing music files.
  • Playing videos through the USB is not supported.
  • Use of USB accessories such as rechargers or heaters using USB I/F may lower performance or cause trouble.
  • If you use devices such as a USB hub purchased separately, the vehicle’s audio system may not recognize the USB device. In that case, connect the USB device directly to the multimedia terminal of the vehicle.
  • If the USB device is divided by logical drives, only the music files on the highest-priority drive are recognized by car audio.
  • Devices such as MP3 Player/ Cellular phone/Digital camera can be unrecognizable by standard USB I/F can be unrecognizable.
  • Charging through the USB may not be supported in some mobile devices.
  • USB HDD or USB types liable to connection failures due to vehicle vibrations are not supported.
  • Some non-standard USB devices (METAL COVER TYPE USB) can be unrecognizable.
  • Some USB flash memory readers (such as CF, SD, micro SD, etc.) or external-HDD type devices can be unrecognizable.
  • Music files protected by DRM (DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT) are not recognizable.
  • The data in the USB memory may be lost while using this audio. Always back up important data on a personal storage device.

  • Please avoid using USB memory products which can be used as key chains or cellular phone accessories as they could cause damage to the USB jack. Please make certain only to use plug type connector products.
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