Kia Soul: Passenger Airbag (PAB) Module. Removal - Airbag Module - RestraintKia Soul: Passenger Airbag (PAB) Module. Removal

Kia Soul 2014-2019 PS Service Manual / Restraint / Airbag Module / Passenger Airbag (PAB) Module. Removal

Disconnect the battery negative cable and wait for at least thirty seconds before beginning work.
Remove the glove box housing.
(Refer to Body - "Glove box housing")
Remove the passenger airbag mounting bolts (A).

Disconnect the passenger airbag connector (B).
Remove the crash pad.
(Refer to Body - "Main crash pad assembly")
Replace the crash pad which is damaged while PAB is deployed.
Remove the mounting bolts from the crash pad and then remove the passenger airbag (A).

The removed airbag module should be stored in a clean, dry place with the airbag cushion up.
    Passenger Airbag (PAB) Module. Installation
    1. Remove the ignition key from the vehicle. 2. Disconnect the battery negative cable from battery and wait for at least thirty seconds bef ...

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