Kia Soul: Installation - Clutch Release Fork and Clutch Release Bearing - Clutch SystemKia Soul: Installation

Kia Soul 2014-2019 PS Service Manual / Clutch System / Clutch Release Fork and Clutch Release Bearing / Installation

Install the boot (A).

Install the clip to the clutch release fork.
Apply to grease in location A, B and C.
Quantity (g)
0.3 ~ 0.5
Release bearing & Fork
0.5 ~ 1.0
Release Fork & Fulcrum
0.4 ~ 0.8
Release cylinder & Fork

Apply the grease to the hole surface of the clutch release bearing all around.

Specified grease: CASMOLY L9508
Amount: 0.5 ~ 1.0 g

Install the clutch release fork (B), clutch release bearing (A).

Install the transaxle assembly.
G 1.6 GDI (Refer to Manual Transaxle System - " Manual Transaxle")
G 2.0 GDI (Refer to Manual Transaxle System - " Manual Transaxle")
    1. Check for damage to boot. 2. Check for deformation to clutch release fork. 3. Check for deformation to clutc ...

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