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Kia Soul 2014-2019 PS Service Manual / Body Electrical System / MTS System / Description

The Vehicle Information System is a Telematics service that ensures comfortable and enjoyable driving by providing safety, security, and vehicle diagnostic information, with the option of using your smartphone.
The term "Telematics" is a combination of telecommunication and informatics. The Telematics system uses an assortment of communication devices mounted on the vehicle to analyze various vehicle and driving conditions and keep driving safe and convenient.
Main Features
The Telematics system's goals are safety, diagnostics, vehicle management, and driving support.
eServices via smartphone apps
Features bi-directional communication between UVO2.0/AVN3.0 devices and smartphones, and between smartphones and the call center. An audio/AVN head unit is provided and the system supports both smartphone-links and independent operation.
Block Diagram

※ SPP (Serial Port Protocol) : Protocol for the smartphone and data
Vehicle Components

Service Lists
Service Name
Crash Notification Assist
The emergency call service automatically contacts the local emergency call center when the airbag is deployed.
Roadside Assist
The emergency dispatch service automatically contacts the KMA customer center when towing and/or fuel is needed.
Automatic Diagnostics
The system can automatically detect failures in PT controllers and provide tips on troubleshooting.
Vehicle Diagnostics
The user can perform vehicle diagnostics at any time.
Scheduled Diagnostics
The system informs the user of regular inspection dates and sends the inspection results to the service center.
eServices Guide
An automatic voice guide system provides information on various Telematics functions to the user.
Send target destination information from your smartphone to the system. Your target destinations are saved at
Parking Minder
Use your smartphone to find where you parked.
Use your smartphone to check your driving patterns, vehicle diagnostic results, diagnostic history, and part replacement history on the mobile website.
Use your smartphone to manage your mileage-based part replacement schedule.

TMU Dealer Engineering Mode
TMU Update : Update TMU unit using update file.
TMU Factory Default : Clear TMU unit setting and TMU relative information.
; Registered phone info, Acitvation status, Reset password, 911 Setting default (default is "OFF"), Alert history, My POI list, Service data, Diagnostic data, Driving information
TMU Version Information : Check TMU version.
Access Dealer Engineering Mode in Head Unit (Hidden Menu) (in the order as below)
Press SETUP key.

Click the audio screen in order.
; Click position one time → Click position one time → Click postion 5 times

IF you click other position, you should go another screen and then try again.
Enter Dealer Eng Mode and check TMU veresion.

Press "TMU Update" or "Factory Defaults" button on head unit.

TMU bin file should be in USB ROOT. (file name : KMA_TMU_install.inf)
(TMU bin file name should not be changed.)
TMU Update may take about 15 minutes.
Don't touch anthing during TMU Update.
If fail to update, please update again.
    1. Telematics unit (TMU) 2. Roof Antenna (GPS) 3. AUX jack 4. Audio head unit 5. Mic ...

    Telemetics Unit (TMU) Component
    Connector Pin Specification No. Pin Name Type From To Description (Wiring Spec.) 1 GND DC Ground ...

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