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Press the key key Select [Phone] Select [Phone] Select [Pair Phone] Select [Pair Phone] Select Select TUNE knob TUNE knob

The following steps are the same as those described in the section "When No Devices

The following steps are the same as those described in the section "When No Devices have been Paired" on the previous page.

  • Bluetooth« Wireless Technology features supported within the vehicle are as follows. Some features may not be supported depending on your Bluetooth« Wireless Technology device. Outgoing/Incoming Handsfree calls Operations during a call (Switch to Private, Switch to call waiting, MIC on/off) Downloading Call History Downloading Mobile Contacts Bluetooth« Wireless Technology device auto connection Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Up to five Bluetooth« Wireless Technology devices can be paired to the Car Handsfree system.
  • Only one Bluetooth« device can be connected at a time.
  • Only one Bluetooth« Wireless Technology device can be connected at a time.
  • Other devices cannot be paired while a Bluetooth« Wireless Technology device is connected.
  • Only Bluetooth« Wireless Technology Handsfree and Bluetooth audio related features are supported.
  • Bluetooth related operations are possible only within devices that support Handsfree or audio features, such as a Bluetooth« Wireless Technology mobile phone or a Bluetooth audio device.
  • If a connected Bluetooth« Wireless Technology device becomes disconnected due to being out of communication range, turning the device OFF, or a Bluetooth« Wireless Technology communication error, corresponding Bluetooth« Wireless Technology devices are automatically searched and reconnected.
  • If the system becomes unstable due to communication errors between the car Handsfree and the Bluetooth« Wireless Technology device, reset the device by turning off and back on again. Upon resetting Bluetooth« Wireless Technology device, the system will be restored.
  • After pairing is complete, a contacts download request is sent once to the mobile phone. Some mobile phones may require confirmation upon receiving a download request, ensure your mobile phone accepts the connection. Refer to your phones userĺs manual for additional information regarding phone pairing and connections.
    Pairing PHONE Key
    When No Devices have been Paired 1.Press the key or the key on the steering remote controller. 2.Select [OK] button to enter the Pair Phone screen. 1)Car Name : Name of device as shown when ...

    Connecting a Device
    Press the key Select [Phone] Select [Phone List] 1) Connected Phone : Device that is currently connected 2) Paired Phone : Device that is paired but not connected From the paired ph ...

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