Kia Soul: Crankshaft Reassembly - Cylinder Block - Engine Mechanical SystemKia Soul: Crankshaft Reassembly

Kia Soul 2014-2019 PS Service Manual / Engine Mechanical System / Cylinder Block / Crankshaft Reassembly

Thoroughly clean all parts to assembled.
Before installing the parts, apply fresh engine oil to all sliding and rotating surfaces.
Replace all gaskets, O-rings and oil seals with new parts.
Install the CKPS wheel (A).

Tightening torque :
9.8 ~ 10.7 N.m (1.0 ~ 1.1 kgf.m, 7.23 ~ 7.95 lb-ft)

Install the crankshaft main bearings.
Upper bearings have an oil groove of oil holes ; Lower bearings do not.
Align the bearing claw with the claw groove of the cylinder block, and push in the 5 upper bearings (A).

Align the bearing claw with the claw groove of the main bearing cap (B), and push in the 5 lower bearings (A).

Apply a coat of engine oil after assembling the main bearings.
Install the thrust bearings (No.3 journal).
Install the 2 thrust bearings (B) on both sides of the No.3 journal of the cylinder block with the oil groove (A) facing out.

Place the crankshaft on the cylinder block.
Apply a coat of engine oil to the pin and main journals after assembling the crankshaft.
Install the main bearing caps and tighten the cap bolts.
Always use new crankshaft main bearing cap bolts. Crankshaft main bearing cap bolts are toque-to-yield bolts designed to be permanently elongated beyond the state of elasticity when torqued, so if the bolts are removed and reused, it may cause the bolts to break or fail to maintain clamping force.
Be sure to assemble the main bearing caps in correct order.
Install the main bearing cap with the arrow facing the front of the engine.
Tighten all the main bearing cap bolts with the specified torque first, and then retighten all the bolts with the specified angle.
Apply a light coat of engine oil on the threads of the bolts. Tighten all the bolts with the specified torque in numerical order first, then tighten all the bolts with the specified angle in numerical order.

Tightening torque :
17.7 ~ 21.6 N.m (1.8 ~ 2.2 kgf.m, 13.0 ~ 15.9 lb-ft) + 88° ~ 92°

Using the SST (09221-4A000), tighten the main bearing cap bolts (A).

Check that the crankshaft turns smoothly.
Check the crankshaft end play.
Install the piston and connecting rod assemblies.
(Refer to Cylinder Block Assembly - "Piston and Connecting Rod")
Install the ladder frame.
Apply the liquid gasket on the ladder frame.

Bead width : 2.5 ~ 3.5 mm (0.0984 ~ 0.1378 in)

Apply the sealant, THREE-BOND 1217H or LOCTITE 5900H on the ladder frame rail portion and install it within five minutes. If sealant is applied to cylinder block bottom position, the sealant position should be the same as that of the ladder frame rail.
Apply sealant along the inner line of the bolt holes.
Install the ladder frame (A).

Tightening torque :
18.6 ~ 23.5 N.m (1.9 ~ 2.4 kgf.m, 13.7 ~ 17.4 lb-ft)

Install the other parts in the reverse order of disassembly.
In case the crankshaft is replaced with a new one, select the proper connecting rod bearing according to the pin journal mark on the crankshaft.
Connecting rod bearing selection
(Refer to Cylinder Block Assembly - "Piston and Connecting Rod")
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