Kia Soul: Auto stop - ISG (Idle stop and go) system - Driving your vehicleKia Soul: Auto stop

Kia Soul 2009-2013 AM Owner's Manual / Driving your vehicle / ISG (Idle stop and go) system / Auto stop

Type A

Type A

Type B

Type B

To stop the engine in idle stop mode

Stop the vehicle completely by pressing the brake pedal.

You must reach a speed of at least 5 mph (8 km/h) since last idle stop.

The engine will stop and the green AUTO STOP indicator (on the instrument cluster will illuminate.) on the instrument cluster will illuminate.

If your vehicle is equipped with cluster type B, a message "Auto Stop" also will appear on the LCD display.

If you open the engine hood in auto stop mode, the ISG system will deactivate

If you open the engine hood in auto stop mode, the ISG system will deactivate (the light on the ISG OFF button will illuminate). A message "Auto Start Deactivated Start Manually" will appear on the LCD display. (if equipped)

Turn the engine on manually.

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