Kia Soul: Troubleshooting - Hands Free System - Body Electrical SystemKia Soul: Troubleshooting

Kia Soul EV (PS EV) 2015-2020 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Hands Free System / Troubleshooting

Trouble Symptom
Probable Cause
Not pairing
Bluetooth device of Car is not in discoverable mode
Enter Bluetooth pairing (searching) mode
User’s phone is Bluetooth off mode
Set user''s phone in Bluetooth mode
When attempting to pair up with the wrong Bluetooth system
Check Bluetooth device name and address (12 characters) to attempt pairing
e.g. 000B24FFF123
Pass key error
Input the passkey displayed on the audio screen into the phone.
5 phones have already been registered.
Delete paired phone list
Bluetooth system cannot communicate with the phone.
Refer to IOP sheet
 ?IOP : Inter-operability
No connection
User''s phone or Bluetooth device of Car cannot register each other''s Bluetooth device
Retry pairing 
Bluetooth system cannot communicate with the phone.
Wait for 1 minute, then Retry connection or restart the phone.
Refer to IOP sheet
No redial
User phone system issue
Push the Send button twice.
Not accepting call
User phone system issue
Refer to IOP sheet
Not dialing
User''s phone is operating other programs (e.g. internet, mp3, game, etc.)
Close other programs and then set normal mode
Bluetooth system cannot communicate with the phone
Refer to IOP sheet 

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