Kia Soul: System malfunction - Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) system (Camera type) - Driving your vehicleKia Soul: System malfunction

Kia Soul (SK3) 2020-2020 Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) system (Camera type) / System malfunction

Kia Soul. System malfunction

  • When FCA is not working properly, FCA warning light (Kia Soul. System malfunction) will illuminate and the warning message will appear for a few seconds. After the message disappears, the master warning light (Kia Soul. System malfunction) will illuminate. In this case, have the vehicle inspected by a professional workshop. Kia recommends to visit an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.
  • FCA warning message may appear along with the illumination of the ESC warning light.


  • FCA is only a supplemental system for the driver’s convenience. The driver should hold the responsibility to control the vehicle operation. Do not solely depend on FCA system. Rather, maintain a safe braking distance, and, if necessary, depress the brake pedal to lower the driving speed.
  • In certain instances and under certain driving conditions, FCA system may activate unintentionally. Also, in certain instances the front camera recognition system may not detect the vehicle ahead. FCA system may not activate and the warning message will not be displayed.
  • FCA may unnecessarily produce the warning message and the warning alarms. Also, due to the sensing limitation, FCA may not produce the warning message and the warning alarm at all.
  • When there is a malfunction with FCA, the braking control does not operate upon detecting a collision risk even with other braking systems normally operating.
  • FCA operates only for the vehicle in front, while driving forward. It does not operate for any animals or vehicles in the opposite direction.
  • FCA does not recognize the vehicle, which horizontally drives across the crossroad, or the vehicle, which is parked in the horizontal direction.
  • If the vehicle in front stops suddenly, you may have less control of the brake system. Therefore, always keep safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
  • FCA system may activate during braking and the vehicle may stop suddenly. And the load in the vehicle may endanger passengers. Therefore, always be mindful of the load volume in the vehicle.
  • FCA system may not activate if the driver applies the brake pedal to avoid risk of collision before FCA operation.
  • FCA system does not operate when the vehicle is in reverse. In these cases, you must maintain a safe braking distance, and if necessary, depress the brake pedal to reduce the driving speed in order to maintain a safe distance.
  • The regular braking function will operate normally even if there is a problem with FCA brake control system or other functions. In this case, the braking control will not operate in the risk of a collision.
  • FCA system may not activate according to driving condition, traffic on the road, weather, road condition, etc.
  • FCA system may not activate to all types of vehicles.
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