Kia Soul: Passenger Airbag (PAB) Module Description and Operation - Airbag Module - RestraintKia Soul: Passenger Airbag (PAB) Module Description and Operation

Kia Soul EV (PS EV) 2015-2020 Service Manual / Restraint / Airbag Module / Passenger Airbag (PAB) Module Description and Operation

Passenger Airbag (PAB) module is located in the passenger crash pad. The PAB contains 2 firing squibs of airbag and 1 firing squib of active vent. The deployment timing of both 2 firing squibs of airbag and 1 firing squib of active vent depends on the crash speed or the level of tightening of the seat belt. At the moment of collision, the firing squib of active vent inflates the airbag, and when the passenger collides with the airbag, the gas inside escapes through a small vent hole. This operation will reduce the level of injury to the passenger''s head.
At first, the active vent instantly deploys the airbag by inflating it at a high pressure, and after the deployment, it slowly discharges the gas from the upper airbag.The Working Principle of Tether Cutter: On receiving an electrical signal, the Tether Cutter cuts off a strap from the active vent to open a hole in the upper airbag.
The working range of Active Vent
If occupant in passenger seat is not belted, active vent is disposed in the end of crash event regardless of crash severity.
If occupant is belted and crash is severe enough to require 2 stage passenger airbag deployment, active vent is activated to optimize occupant protection.
Low-Speed + Belted : Inflator of Primary Fire + 2 Stage & Active Vent disposal in the end of crash event.
Never attempt to measure the circuit resistance of the airbag module (squib) even with a specified tester as measuring circuit resistance with a tester may result in accidental airbag deployment that leads to serious personal injury.
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