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Kia Soul. Light bulb position (Rear)

Kia Soul. Light bulb position (Rear)

Kia Soul. Light bulb position (Rear)

1. Tail lamp (Bulb type)
2. Tail and stop lamp (Bulb type)
3. Rear turn signal lamp (Bulb type)
4. Back-up lamp (Bulb type)
5. Tail lamp (LED type)
6. Stop lamp (LED type)
7. License plate lamp (Bulb type)
8. High mounted stop lamp (Bulb or LED type)
9. Rear For lamp (Bulb type)

    Light bulb position (Front)
    1. Front turn signal lamp (Bulb Type) 2. Headlamp (Low/High) 3. Position lamp/Daytime running lamp (Bulb Type) 4. Front turn signal lamp (LED Type) 5. Headlamp (LED)/Sub Low 6. Headlamp (LED) ...

    Light bulb position (Side)
    1. Side repeater lamp (LED type) 2. Side repeater lamp (bulb type) ...

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