Kia Soul: Heater Unit Components - Heater - Heating,Ventilation And Air ConditioningKia Soul: Heater Unit Components

Kia Soul 2014-2019 PS Service Manual / Heating,Ventilation And Air Conditioning / Heater / Heater Unit Components


1. Foot shower left duct
2. Motor&Wheel assembly
3. Mode actuator motor assembly
4. Cam mode
5. Defroster door lever
6. Defroster door ARM
7. Ventilation door ARM
8. Heater case [LH]
9. Ventilation guide
10. Flange seal
11. Flange seal
12. Clip case to case
13. Flange seal
14. Flange seal
15. DEF door assembly
16. Vent door assembly
17. Clamp
18. Floor door lever
19. Spring washer
20. Temperature door lever
21. Temp actuator motor assembly
22. Heater core cover
23. Heater core & Seal assembly
24. Floor door ARM
25. Temperature door ARM
26. Evaporator door panel seal
27. Evaporator door panel seal
28. Floor door assembly
29. (A) Evaporator pipe grommet
30. Evaporator core assembly
31. Evaporator case lwr insulation
32. Lower case
33. Spring nut
34. Drain hose
35. (A)F/S mounting square nut
36. Temp door assembly


1. Truss HD(B) screw
2. Ventilation guide
3. (A) inlet duct case
4. Shower duct [RH]
5. Cooling tube
6. A/C evap thermistor assembly
7. Holder sensor
8. PTC heater

    Heater Unit Replacement
    1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Recover the refrigerant with a recovery/recycling/charging station. 3. ...

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