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Kia Soul. FCA sensors (Front View Camera)

In order for FCA system to operate properly, always make sure the sensor is clean and free of dirt, snow, and debris.

Dirt, snow, or foreign substances on the lens may adversely affect the sensing performance of the sensor.

Warning message and warning light

Kia Soul. FCA sensors (Front View Camera)

When the camera is blocked with dirt, snow, or debris, FCA operation may temporarily stop. In this case, the warning message appears to warn the driver.

This is not a malfunction with FCA. To operate FCA again, remove the foreign substances.


FCA system may not activate without any warning messeges according to driving condition, traffic on the road, weather, road condition, etc.


  • Doing so may adversely affect the sensing performance of the sensor.
  • Always keep the sensor clean and free of dirt and debris.
  • Be careful not to apply unnecessary force on the sensor. If the sensor is forcibly moved out of proper alignment, FCA system may not operate correctly. In this case, a warning message may not be displayed. In this case, have the vehicle inspected by a professional workshop. Kia recommends to visit an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.
  • Use only genuine parts to repair or replace a damaged.
  • Do not tint the window or install stickers, accessories around the inside mirror where the camera is installed.
  • Make sure the frontal camera installation point does not get wet.
  • Do not impact or arbitrarily remove any camera components.
  • Do not place reflective objects (white paper or mirror etc.) on the crash pad. The system may activate unnecessarily due to reflect of the sunlight.
  • Excessive audio volume may disturb the sound of the system warning alarm.
  • For more cautions for the camera sensor, refer to “Lane Keeping Assist system” on page 6-99.
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