Kia Soul: Electric A/C compressor Description and Operation - Air Conditioning System - Heating,Ventilation, Air ConditioningKia Soul: Electric A/C compressor Description and Operation

Kia Soul EV (PS EV) 2015-2020 Service Manual / Heating,Ventilation, Air Conditioning / Air Conditioning System / Electric A/C compressor Description and Operation

Electric compressors improve the fuel efficiency and operates the air conditioner even when the engine has stopped.
Operation Principle
Compression Part
One of the scrolls is fixed while the other orbits eccentrically without self-rotating, thereby to trap and pump refrigerant in the pockets between the scrolls.

Motor Part
Converts electric power into a mechanical motion with Brushless DC Motor.

Control Part
Converts direct current to 3-phase alternating current and alters the compressor speed to cope with cooling demand.

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