Kia Soul: Description and Operation - High Voltage Battery System - EV Battery SystemKia Soul: Description and Operation

Kia Soul EV (PS EV) 2015-2020 Service Manual / EV Battery System / High Voltage Battery System / Description and Operation

High Voltage Battery System Assembly
To provide the 360V high voltage electric energy to electric motor
To save the electric energy generated by regenerative braking system
Charged by rapid charge or normal charge

High Voltage Battery Pack Assembly
Type : Lithium Ion Polymer

Cell : Minimum unit which saves the electric energy converted from the chemical energy
Module : A number of cells in series
Pack : A number of modules in series
    Components and Components Location
    Components High Voltage Battery System Assembly 1. High Voltage Battery System Assembly2. High Voltage Battery Pack Assembly3. PRA (Power Relay Assembly) 4. Case5. QRA (Quick Charge Relay Asse ...

    Schematic Diagrams
    System Diagram High Voltage Battery System Assembly System Circuit Diagram ...

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